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Ideal System of Living for All Mankind

Islam is derived from Arabic word. It is the religion of God sent to prophet Muhammad. The root word is “slm” which means peace. The root word “slm” becomes the word “aslama” which means to accept and to obey. Therefore, the word “Islam” means real peace and complete acceptance and obedience to the teaching and guidance of God. 

The Meaning of Islam

Islam is people’s worshipping of God alone, because the most crucial point in Islamic doctrine is the stress on the oneness of God. The worship of anyone other than God is “shirk” or the association in worship, and constitutes a major unpardonable sin.

A Moslem is one who has submitted to the teaching and guidance of God, thus attaining peace of mind and soul. He is obligated to acknowledge and apply the two basic fundamentals: belief, the expression of faith and act, the righteous deed. Both are absolutely necessary for the establishment of one’s faith as a Moslem.

Islam is a complete way of life and provides humanity with the means to lead Moslems towards success and peace both in this life and the life after death. Muhammad, the messenger of God, informed people of the purpose of their creation and existence. He also told them the ultimate destiny and their relationship with other creatures. (AL- ISLAM, An Introduction Guide, Australian Islamic Movement)

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