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Efficient Reader and Poor Reader

There are some characteristics of efficient readers. Firstly, they have high motivation to understand the text they read, they have a certain purpose. Secondly, they develop to enrich their vocabulary; they try to work out the meaning of new words from their context. Thirdly, they think and evaluate about what they are reading in the light of their knowledge and experiences. Finally, they have flexibility in reading, depending on their purpose.
Efficient Reader and Poor Reader
There are many contributing factors to poor reading. These include physical environment, the lighting, the noise and other destruction, the comfort, and physiological factors such as poor eyesight or inability to sit still. The principle factor for poor readers is psychological, the negative attitude to the reading task and low motivation.  
If they have good attitude by approaching the reading task positively, understanding why they are reading, determining to succeed, wanting to develop good reading habit by practicing useful reading skill and training themselves to read efficiently, they will become good readers. Good readers are not just brilliant.
The first verse of the total number of the verses of the Holy Qur’an (6666 verses) is asking Muslims to be literate and to be educated by reading.
Read and Read.
Read in the name of Thy Lord who created !

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