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The Year of Elephant

In the year 570 AD a great army led by The Abyssinian leader Abraha was advancing on the town of Mecca in the desert of Arabia. The army was accompanied by a great number of elephants. Their aim was to destroy the Ka’ba, which was in the middle of the town. The Meccan people were afraid, because the army would not only destroy the Ka’ba, where they kept their idols, but also destroy their houses and take their camels as well.

The Year of Elephant

When the great army was preparing to attack the Ka’ba, they saw a flock of birds flying over their heads. They did not think that was serious or dangerous and went on with their preparation. In their beaks the birds were carrying small stones. They flew over the army and dropped the stones on the heads of the soldiers and the elephants. Whenever a stone hit a soldier or an elephant they dropped dead instantly. The birds defeated the great Abraha and his army. The Meccan people could not defend their town or Ka’ba, but God Almighty did. The Quraish called that year “The Year of Elephant”. 
In that same year a baby was born on the twelfth of the month of Rabi Al-awal. It was a boy and he was called Muhammad who became a prophet when he was forty years old.

(From Scenes from the life of prophet Muhammad, Dar Ibn Hazm, Beirut)

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